Sativa varieties of cannabis

Sativa seeds grow into a tall, bulky broad bush with thin leaves. The main thing sativa cannabis and rhode island medical card is loved for is its uplifting high effect. Compared to Indica cannabis, sativa strains are more demanding to care for and take longer to mature, with some varieties taking up to 15 weeks to bloom.

Sativa cannabis is a guest from equatorial zones, the homeland of this type of cannabis is generally considered to be:

All of the strains on the list have been deservedly honored in the international High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

The powerful Utopia Haze sativa is the winner of the HTCC in 2008. Relatively small in height, rarely reaching 160 centimeters. Easy to clone. Grows extremely selfishly. Requires a large pot of up to 25 liters to begin with. Neighbors do not like, the distance between the plants must be respected. Blossoms for 10-12 weeks, the THC in the prepared inflorescences reaches – 22%. Providing an invigorating effect to lovers of pure hai, some talk about psychedelic journeys with it.

Another sativa representative from Barney`s Farm cid-bank is the Liberty Haze hybrid with a 40/60 indica/sativa ratio. Obtained by crossing Hawaiian G13 and Chem Dawg 91. The result of the crossing was homogeneous and a single phenotype was identified. Grows and develops according to sativa canons, is fastidious and blooms for a long time. Possesses medium growth and bright red, mysterious purple hairs. Usually covered with trichomes in 70 days of flowering. With a THC content of 25%, even the moodiest of people will not be bored, the long-lasting euphoria comes on instantly, making you float in the clouds for the next 4 hours.

A representative of the classic Dutch school of garden variety Delahaze has won prizes in various competitions time and time again. The content of indica genes is 30%, which makes it less fastidious. Suitable for any indor/outdoor growing methods, though it is worth specifying that it will only ripen in southern areas where temperatures remain above zero until mid-November. Flowering lasts 10 weeks, all this time exudes a bright, fruity aroma. The flavor is delicious – like a ripe mango melting in your mouth. A regular at coffee shops. The effect of this strain is rippling, like time slows down.

The only representative of the regular Electric Lemon Sativa seeds, a product of T.H. Seeds. Took second place at High Times in 2011. A descendant of the Hawaii G13 sativa and the now-name Northern Lights. Blooms longer than the listed blooms. Lemon notes are evident in the taste and aroma. The effect – encouraging. As if 1000 ideas at once visited the head, and the body at the same time, craves for any adventure. Suitable for medical use.

No garden variety selection would be complete without mentioning the creations of the Green House Seeds breeders. Super Lemon Haze cannabis, a descendant of Super Silver Haze and the much-loved Lemon Skunk. In total, this sativa has won 3 first places in various competitions. All thanks to its extraordinary features: High growth, decent yields of up to 1200 grams per plant in the open field and a serious THC content, up to 20%. The phenotype is not uniform, most bushes are unpretentious and eager to eat fertilizer. Under the influence of this strain, sitting still becomes an impossible mission. A prolonged energetic kick in the butt will encourage communication and creativity.

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