The benefits of indica

It isn’t hard to tell the difference between indica and sativa. Just look at its foliage and growth and if you see a compact plant with spreading wide leaves, looking like a Christmas tree, it’s obviously an indica!

And its “knockout” e

ffect is unmistakable – it’s like an indica glues you to the sofa and does not let you move upon receiving rhode island medical card

These plants are native to Indian, Pakistani, Tibetan and Afghan areas.

When comparing indica and sativa, a number of indica-marijuana advantages stand out:

First, indica is fairly unpretentious, it grows easily, blooms early and ripens quickly, indica is not susceptible to disease and is resistant to low temperatures. Of course, there are varieties of exceptions. But in general, indica is easier to grow than sativa.
Secondly, indica varieties grow compact and short, so they are well suited for home grovelling. There are varieties that can be cultivated on a windowsill as traditional house plants, as their growth does not exceed 30-40 cm.
Third, the inflorescences of indica are dense and heavy, and with skillful grovelling you can get a very high yield.
Fourth, the famous “stone effect” produces an effect mainly on the body, leaving your thoughts clear. In addition, the indica can enhance your sense of taste, touch and sound.
There are some other features of indica cannabis, such as, for example, its ability to stop its growth as it begins to bloom. Knowing this fact can help a grower create a comfortably sized plant just by controlling its daylight hours. So with an indica you will never have the problem of lack of space in the room.

Or – the powerful medicinal effect that almost all indica plants have. Relaxation is an integral part of indica’s effects, as well as pain relief. Medical indica has a balanced content of THC and CBD and helps with chronic pain and insomnia.

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